It is such an honor to share these experiences. I am blessed to do this work.

Thank you.

The work I have accomplished with Annie has been completely life changing. I chose to start with the 12 week program. After completing it, I looked at the progress I had made and the value it had in my life and realized I wanted to start another 12 week program. Annie is quite gifted and an incredible mentor. She has a warm yet raw approach to helping others along their path. She has such a passion for sharing her gifts with others and nourishing their spiritual growth. She is flexible and understanding, and crafts the program to each individual client based where they feel they need to grow. The program itself is incredibly empowering. It holds you to a gentle accountability, while empowering you to put in the work. Annie loves to make it fun and playful so it never feels like a ‘chore’. The practical work of her program is very straightforward and enjoyable. She truly gave me the most valuable tools to craft my spiritual resiliency. When I’ve felt off, or out of ‘alignment’, I just apply the tools she has given me. When they are applied consistently, I bounce back to where I want to be. This resiliency is so incredibly invaluable. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have grown in love so much from the program itself and the unwavering support of Annie.

-Toni Bower, Volunteer Relations Coordinator, All Hands All Hearts - Smart Response

It was an absolutely pleasure working with Annie!  She made me feel at ease and comfortable from our first discussion and I always felt that she had my best interests in mind.  She always remembered details from past discussions to apply to our current conversation and she provided me with the guidance and support I was looking for.  I truly enjoyed working with her and know that I am on the right path to reach my goals and dreams!  I would highly recommend Annie to anyone feeling "stuck" or looking for guidance in their spiritual journey.

-Karen Brown

What a delightful and refreshing experience. I’ve been working with Annie for about 5 months now and I must say with her help of guidance and coaching I’m on a very successful path to living purposefully and in complete alignment for my highest good. Through months of coaching, meditating and weekly exercises I’ve awakened a new outlook on life and a much clearer understanding of me. Annie helped me pull out some of my deepest and darkest fears as well helped me see the light in so many situations that I was overlooking. I look forward to continued success in working with Annie and most importantly empowering myself. I’m so grateful to have such a resource available to and for me.

-Lamond Hull, Director of Sales, View33 Showroom

Sharing and navigating my personal goals, internal hunger for peace, and a little re-aligning with Annie over the course of 12 weeks was a great experience. Her ability to hear me speak my truth was valuable in my own life’s work of slowing down, returning to center and moving forward towards my heart’s desire.

In the present, these were small victories to be celebrated. AND! In the days, weeks, months ahead, these victories grew into a greater sense of self; a stronger kind of self awareness and love; a shakeup to my heart. A surrender to my spirit. A humbled walk thru this life...the tone reset. 

I am forever grateful for Annie’s ability to lovingly coax my mind, heart and spirit into a place she knew I deserved. We all deserve. 

Thank you, Annie.

-Vanessa Zambrano, Master Stylist, The Petite Salon

Annie worked with me during one of the toughest seasons of my life. She knew when to be gentle and when to lovingly challenge me- exactly the things I need on my journey. I approached Annie with a diverse amount of situations in my life (money, relationships, business, self-doubt, marriage, parenting, etc.) and each time I was met with love, understanding, guidance, and a plan! My work with Annie was not always easy and comfortable for me, but it was necessary for my growth and confidence. Our 1:1 phone calls were organic and comfortable and the email support was a bonus tool! Annie is knowledgable, passionate, and believed in me before I believed in myself. Annie, thank you for your love and god-given gifts!

-Danie Turry, Owner & Business Developer, Headwaters Painting, LLC

I've known Annie for more than half of our lives. I've watched her evolve and grow and have felt immense gratitude that we are walking these lives of ours together as non-biological sisters and friends. 

Recently Annie began coaching people professionally, although she's been a coach of sorts her whole life, or at least as long as I've known her. Annie possesses extraordinary gifts that lend themselves perfectly to the work she's chosen (or perhaps it's the work that's chosen her) to complete at the moment. I can go into a conversation with Annie feeling lost, misaligned, confused, dejected, and hang up the phone with her feeling once again revived, aligned, at peace with myself, and returned to love. She offers do-able, inspiring tools that she packages with her steadfast enthusiasm and encouragement for your commitment to your own journey - that is, your commitment to rise, to understand that you are already whole, to love yourself and others more deeply, and to realize your truest potential.  

Annie works to instill these skills within you so that you, yourself, can realign with your authentic nature whenever you get off track (which we all do from time to time).

Treat yourself. Annie knows her shit because she's been through it all and continues to do her own self-work alongside the rest of us. 

-Jacqui Gabel, Holistic Chef & Nutrition Therapist, Denver, CO

Working with Annie has been a blessing. She has helped to guide me into the evolving individual that I am today. Her coaching was intuitive, uplifting, challenging, and always supportive. Her ability to see and feel my needs was especially reassuring as I moved into a new chapter of my spiritual journey. She was always right beside me, supporting me, leading me, and assuring me.

I enjoyed Annie’s style of coaching. We talked on the phone and then between phone calls, she gave me personal growth activities to work on. During the weeks between phone calls, Annie was always available and extremely responsive to my emails. It was this continued reassurance through emails that let me know I wasn’t alone and was being supported daily.

I couldn’t have started this process without Annie’s guidance and overwhelming support. She has allowed me to align with my higher self and find my way back to love and light. I feel blessed and better because of her guidance and support.

-Stephanie Smolik

Annie has an intense connection to spirit and an ability to really just see thru the mess of life. When coupled with her intense compassion for all around her, she is a recipe for healing, life [changing] perspective and inspiration.  She is very matter of fact, at times almost uncomfortably, straight to the point about the truths she sees and that’s just a part of what’s amazing about Annie; she will waste no time in seeing your truth, your potential greatness in your life and providing inspiration and guidance to help project you down your path. 

Annie radiates an intensely bright light, a beacon if you will, that’s sole aim is to help lighten and brighten the energy of this world.  She is uniquely gifted to helping others find clarity and inspire them to want to be the best versions of themselves possible; at least that’s been her effect on me.

-Jame Mackson, Software Engineer, The Wedding Shop