It is so great to be in this moment with you. I see your courage, your honesty, and am humbled you're choosing to explore your life with me.  

I am the owner and operator of Beacon Empowerment Strategies, a Master Educator, trained in the Spiritual Alignment Method, NLP practitioner, mindfulness coach, workshop facilitator, and Pranic healer. I believe self-growth is the most important thing I can do for myself and the world at large. I have always been aware of my gift of teaching and have found deep fulfillment guiding others to making decisions that allow them to feel their best and live their most fullfilling life. As a child, I spent my days playing in my magical classroom where I taught lessons about love, life, and the gifts that each of us possess. And, singing and dancing! I did a lot of singing and dancing. 

As I grew up I found myself drawn to life empowerment and spiritual books while seeking opportunities that challenged and pushed me beyond the comfortable boundaries I existed within. I've always desired transformation. I recognized my inner wisdom early on which told me that anything is possible and I was deserving of whatever my heart desired. I was a steadfast rock for my friends and family, someone invested in the success of the people I cared about. My greatest desire for my loved ones was that they reached for and fulfilled their highest potential and experienced bliss. I delivered these messages in a direct, no-nonsense kind of way, cushioned with love (this is still my approach). I believe my radical honesty to be one of my greatest gifts, even if it creates feelings of discomfort for those I share it with. I understood that feelings of discomfort usher in growth and at a deeper level in order to create lasting change we had to strip away the excuses, sometimes intensely. I trust that those people I share my guidance and coaching with will understand that at some point, too. 

For the past 10 years I have used the avenue of public schools to empower and inspire with my main clientele being amazingly bright, loving, and gifted middle and high school students. Although I found the work to be fulfilling and meaningful, at a deeper level I always felt that I was meant to reach a larger audience, impact more people. At times I simply felt "too big" for one single classroom. However, I feel such gratitude for the time I spent working with students because they kept so much of the magic I believed in alive.

In 2017 I experienced a profound spiritual awakening and it truly transformed my life. It was as if years of programming about our world and human experience were washed away, providing me with clarity and understanding. I felt, and continue to feel, an unbelievable connection to God. I was realigned with my inner purpose. With this alignment came such great joy, overwhelming gratitude, and a feeling of unconditional love that I can't quite express in words. Needless to say, I am in a place of fulfillment and happiness that most people don't allow themselves to experience. This awakening ushered in the next phase of my life and I had no other choice but to embrace it.

I feel my success comes from taking each and every situation and treating it individually, digging deep to get at the specific core beliefs, and then working collaboratively to shatter them, or move stagnant energy. I am able to empower people because I believe in the inner creativity and wellspring of love that is within all of us, that we all are connected to one another, and that we are physical manifestations of the Divine. I understand that everything we experience is serving our highest good. It is our responsibility to align with a place that allows us to see the gifts within the contrast. I also credit my success to my child-like love of life, my ability to see magic everywhere and in everything, my down-to-earth nature, and my sense of humor & quick wit. Laughing through the challenges makes them all the more manageable. Finally, all my years spent as a classroom educator have provided me with tools that allow me to easily and clearly deliver strategies to clients in a way that makes them approachable with easy implementation. In other words, I have the skill of taking large, abstract concepts and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable pieces that are doable for most anyone. 

I feel great honor working with people to inspire them, to reacquaint them with their true essence, and am humbled by my purpose. I am certain I am here to help re-ignite the passion in each and every person, guiding people to remember who they truly are. Passion is my middle name and I understand that my powerful energy naturally inspires all those in my presence. This is a gift I treasure deeply. My life and all of my experiences have been nothing less than a blessing. I am genuinely interested in each person and driven to learn ways to empower and enlighten while witnessing how this impacts their experience and the world at large. Reconnecting people to the spritual beings we are brings me nothing but pure joy.

Most importantly I do not see spirituality as something that requies strict devotion, adopting practices that monks embrace, or denying ourselves things and experiences we enjoy. We can be spiritual and, not spiritual or. I see spirituality as a way of interacting with life and with God in everything we do and experience. It requires mindfulness, loving kindess, and an understanding of our interconnectedness. We are here to create, enjoy, and live with God from the inside out. We have so many wonderful things to explore and discover, both within us and on this vast planet, and we do them in a way that keeps us mindful of the Divine leading with gratitude and appreciation.