Guiding you to align with your unique potential while consciously empowering you to create your best life.


We have the power to consciously live from a place of love, a place of authentic alignment.

In life, we find ourselves feeling less fulfilled than we'd like. Sometimes the path forward is beyond our reach yet our desire is certain.

We find ourselves living from fear, anxious and worried, with a sense of disconnection from our soul. Deep down we recognize, maybe defiantly, we are living in a way that doesn’t feel good anymore. Joy’s lacking. We feel stuck. Our inner harsh critic has taken the lead and self-compassion is damn near unknown territory.

Alignment is the process of unveiling a persons true nature, a being of love, and intentionally doing the work to move our thoughts and emotions to a place that feels good and empower us. It calls us forward to take control over our thoughts and feelings and armors us with tools to navigate through rough waters. It recognizes the interconnectedness of our world and challenges us to live life with an open, compassionate heart.

My mission is to guide people to courageously
express their authenticity and harness their true potential.

My vision is a world in which all people build aligned lives that are rooted in
love and joy, together.

 Inspiring people to express themselves as they truly desire, to feel greater love and happiness, is my passion, my soul activator. I’d humbly say I’m known for my authenticity, clever wit, and supportive vibe. I am loving, yet honest, and have an uncanny ability to call forth your greatest self. I truly believe alignment is the best gift we can give ourselves and those we love.




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The work I have accomplished with Annie has been completely life changing.
— Toni Bower, Volunteer Relations Coordinator, All Hands All Hearts - Smart Response