Ways to Work With Me 


Change begins with you.


My ideal clients are coachable, dedicated, and willing to do the work that growth requires. They are open to new perspectives, intelligent, curious and enthusiastic. They are honest, even when it’s hard to admit the truth. They are also willing to trust the process through reflection and mindfulness while taking powerful action steps towards their goals.

I consider people like this high achievers. I am one and so I offer unique skills to connect and motivate you through your challenging moments. Being a high achiever allows me to be acutely of the challenges we possess. Sometimes, we fear change or don’t feel worthy of our dreams. Sometimes we people please or forget ourselves, thinking we need to drop down to where other people are instead of allowing ourselves to be fully happy. At times, we appear overly positive and get into a habit of hiding our own pain. We can be vulnerable to perfectionism and impatience, or struggle with self-doubt. Sometimes, we simply feel stuck.


I offer Alignment & Empowerment packages, individual coaching sessions for urgent concerns, and am available for speaking and teaching engagements of all varieties.

With my unique experience of working with children, adolescents, and adults in various settings I am versatile and comfortable connecting with people from all walks of life and at all stages of their journey.

Let life to be exciting again! Connect deeper to your inner being and all the beautiful people we share spaces with. Free yourself from judgemental beliefs and sabotaging habits that work against your own happiness. Tap into your higher power and strengthen your trust in the Universe.

Allow me to guide you there. 

“After a one hour session with Annie I felt connected. I felt connected to someone who just “gets it” when I’m having a hard time putting my feelings into words and I felt more connected to myself because of her encouragement in opening up and trusting. Her passion and excitement is supportive and contagious - I want to be the best version of myself for my husband, children, friends, and business and I can tell Annie wants that for me too!”
— Danie Turry, Owner, Headwaters Painting LLC

We should work together if... 

  • You have a deep yearning to be of service to this world, and you sense you have a lot to give, but need guidance and accountability in defining and acting on it.

  • You currently work in fields of human support (mental health, education, service industry) but find yourself feeling lost and exhausted, realizing this impacts your effectiveness with your clients.

  • You are a parent who is navigating unfamiliar territory and recognize the need for developing skills such as courage, compassion, vulnerability, patience, and deeper emotional connection.

  • You have pieces of the “spiritual puzzle” but you don’t know how to put them together fully.

  • You find yourself feeling lost, irritated, judgemental, anxious, and callous and know those feelings aren't who you truly are. You're struggling to make a change.

  • You recognize your persepctive of the world is limiting you, your interactions, and wish for more loving connections.

  • Living a life of inauthenticity and limitation is completely unacceptable to you.

  • You know there is so much more out there for you, more of the magic, and you want to tap into it.

  • You value self growth and desire to continuously evolve, transforming your life.

  • You believe life doesn't need to be so hard but don't quite have the tools to allow this to happen consistently.

Working with Annie has been a blessing. She has helped to guide me into the evolving individual that I am today. Her coaching was intuitive, uplifting, challenging, and always supportive. Her ability to see and feel my needs was especially reassuring as I moved into a new chapter of my spiritual journey. She was always right beside me, supporting me, leading me, and assuring me.

I enjoyed Annie’s style of coaching. We talked on the phone and then between phone calls, she gave me personal growth activities to work on. During the weeks between phone calls, Annie was always available and extremely responsive to my emails. It was this continued reassurance through emails that let me know I wasn’t alone and was being supported daily.

I couldn’t have started this process without Annie’s guidance and overwhelming support. She has allowed me to align with my higher self and find my way back to love and light. I feel blessed and better because of her guidance and support.
— -Stephanie Smolik